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June 4, 2013

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Injured construction workers afraid to sue employers, claims solicitors

A firm of serious injury solicitors is warning that an increasing number of construction workers who have been injured at work are refusing to take legal action against their employers.
Southport-based Fletchers Solicitors has seen a 20 percent decrease in workplace accident claims by construction workers over the past year. It subsequently carried out research, which questioned 200 injured workers and found many had decided not to take legal action against their employer due to fears over job security.

Fletchers Solicitors CEO Ed Fletcher explained: “While we’ve seen a sound drop in the number of claims against larger construction companies, it is the smaller sites where the problems seem to lie. We are still seeing many examples of incidents on construction sites, including falls from height and injuries caused from faulty equipment and lack of personal protective equipment (PPE), which all could have been avoided if effective and robust safety measures were already in place.

“It’s worrying to think people who may have suffered from a preventative accident at work are not speaking out because they are afraid they’ll lose their job. Employers have a legal obligation to make sure proper safety precaution procedures are in place and safety equipment is supplied to protect staff.”

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It would appear we are going backwards in time when legitimate claims are not being taking forward because workers fear they will be dismissed.

Nigel Bryson
Nigel Bryson

Under Employer Liability insurance the number of civil claim settlements has dropped by around 57% in 6 years: there is no ‘compensation culture’ as regards people at work. In 2009, 42 construction companies were found guilty of operating an illegal blacklist of thousands of construction workers – reasons for being ‘blacklisted’ included raising health and safety issues. Little wonder some construction workers do not want to incur the wroth of their employer, even with a justifiable claim.

Oran Peter
Oran Peter

As if they do not get enough air time on tv, SHP is now giving these so claim no win no fee solicitors free air time. Beggars belief.


Good News!


Wow – some of the comments here!

If someone is injured they are entitled to make a claim; it’s not personal!!! (Oran Peter / Redken).

Maybe you own insurance companies . . ?

The construction industry is riddled with semi-corrupt practices, this is public knowledge. Do we believe this has stopped since 2009? It should not be the case that workers feel intimidated against claiming what is their due.


Dickensian times rule in redken & oran peter’s world, come work for me and if you are injured or killed, hard luck, stop whinging and get on with your miserable little lives, who cares if you cannot work again, who cares if you have children to bring up, what ever you do do not blame your employers, we are having such a tough time, enjoying the fruits of your labors. shame on both of you, the only thing that beggars belief is that a safety publication has allowed you to be heard at all