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February 26, 2020

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ECHA launches database to track harmful chemicals in products

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), has launched SCIP database, where companies can now find products containing Candidate List substances of very high concern.

harmful chemicalsThe first launch allows organisations to get familiar with the database and test how to submit their SCIP notifications.

The first launch will also enable users to submit a test, where they can provide feedback to ECHA, to help enhance the final version, which is set to be launched later in 2020. All submitted test data will be deleted before the launch.

From 5 January 2021, companies placing articles on the EU market will need to submit SCIP notifications to ECHA, if the articles they place on the EU market contain substances of very high concern (SVHCs) in concentrations above 0.1 % weight by weight.

Companies will be able to submit data already in late 2020 when the final database is launched. The aim is to promote the substitution of hazardous chemicals and transition towards a safer circular economy.

Companies will need to submit:

  • Information to identify the article;
  • The name, concentration range and location of the SVHC in the article; and
  • Other information on its safe use.

ECHA’s Executive Director, Bjorn Hansen, says: “Tracking harmful chemicals is the key for moving towards a more sustainable circular economy. All materials are made of chemicals and we need to make sure we know which products contain harmful chemicals before they are recycled. Our upcoming database will help us to make products safer.”

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