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June 25, 2012

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Can she hack it? Yes she can!

Health and Safety Executive chair Judith Hackitt CBE is to continue in the role for a further three years, the Department for Work and Pensions announced today.

Ms Hackitt was first appointed as chair of the then Health and Safety Commission in October 2007, for a period of five years. Prior to that she was a health and safety commissioner and held a number of senior industry posts, including director-general of the Chemical Industries Association.

Employment minister Chris Grayling welcomed the re-appointment, saying: “I am delighted that Judith Hackitt has accepted reappointment as the chair of HSE. Her challenging of poor decision-making in the name of health and safety combined with a pragmatic, risk-based approach to regulation and enforcement will ensure that the deserved reputation of HSE as a fair and open regulator is maintained.”

Ms Hackitt said she was delighted to have the opportunity to continue as HSE chair at this “exciting and demanding time”, adding: “My focus is clear – ensuring that we continue to drive down death, injury and ill health in Britain’s workplaces, while delivering changes to the regulatory system that make it clearer and simpler for employers to understand what they need to do to manage serious risks.”

The appointment commences on 1 October 2012 and runs until October 2015.

Judith Hackitt has also been named as president-elect of the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) for 2013/14. She will take up the role of deputy president in 2012/2013.

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11 years ago

You can stay for ever in the civil service as long as you do not rock the boat.

Everything is an endless sea of grey, and few put thier head on the chopping block as I and many others in Indusrty do daily.

There is an air of apathy in the HSE as was evidenced by the numbers seeking early retirement during the recent cut backs. More requested to leave than was possible to let go.

I only hope that those that remain can strengthen thier resolve, as many had lost thiers long ago.

11 years ago

I was not moaning, just stating evidentual fact.

And niether you Massimo, nor Ray or I carry on regardless.

We carry on in hope and conviction surely?

11 years ago

Fellow moaners – the chair’s terms of reference (unwritten) in a quango is to toe the party line (whatever that may be on a given day).

Ms Hackett, M. Podger and M White (construction) have their collective pension pots to worry about (as has Bob Diamond) – maybe we are just part of the politics of envy.

We are but minions in their scheme of things but carry on regardless!

11 years ago

No wonder Chris Grayling is chuffed with Ms Hackitt’s re-appointment, she has hardly rocked the boat. Indeed, rolled over and tummy tickled springs to mind.

How can Ms Hackitt take over the role of president of the Institution of Chemical Engineers as well as HSE chairperson? Clearly not enough work at the HSE to keep her busy.