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January 12, 2012

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Lone-worker safety – Connexion2 mobile app

Connexion2 has further expanded its Identicom lone-worker mobile device offering with new versions of the ‘app’ for Android phones and Apple’s iPhone.

Offering much of the same functionality as the dedicated Identicom device, the latest mobile versions are said to provide a lone worker a host offunctions to help improve their safety, in combination with all the style and usability of a touch-screen handset.

Connexion2 says the Identicom mobile is easy to install through a simple application download process. It enables a user to obtain the necessary help if they become a victim of verbal abuse, attack, or if they feel their safety could be compromised. As all versions of Identicom mobile use the same interface and function terminology, companies can use a mixture of devices for their lone workers, using the same communications policy, objectives and training.

All versions of Identicom mobile have been specifically produced for lone workers who face risk infrequently and may not require the provision of a dedicated device, says Connexion2. Identicom mobile is available as a stand-alone product, or can be integrated with Connexion2’s Mobile Workforce Management Platform as an additional option.

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