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November 3, 2005

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Paper round

IOSH president Lawrence Waterman has been busy recently, providing comment in the national press on a number of issues.

The Daily Telegraph on 29 August covered a study by the University of Massachusetts into the effects of long working hours on health. Lawrence suggested practical steps that people can take to minimise the risk of developing sleep problems and musculoskeletal damage.

In Construction News he commented on the occupational health issues facing the construction industry, saying: “While accidents can be dramatic and attract headlines, occupational health is actually a far bigger issue for the construction industry.”

Corporate manslaughter was in the press again following the verdict at the Hatfield trial. In a letter to the Financial Times, Lawrence called for greater corporate accountability: “We are entitled to know not only that our industries and public services have access to the highest professional standards in health and safety, but that these standards will be defended and enforced.”

The IOSH/MDH salary and attitudes survey was released in September, and your views on corporate manslaughter legislation, and that 85 per cent of respondents were in favour of it, interested the press.

Richard Jones, director of technical affairs, gave advice to businesses and their employees on the revised noise regulations in the workplace in a business feature in the Leicester Mercury. Richard explained the impact the revised regulations will have and suggested steps that organisations and individuals can take to ensure their hearing is protected.

IOSH also responded to a few ‘conkers bonkers’ stories, including those of a council banning bouncy castles (The Times) and a satirical look at ‘a health and safety history of Britain’ (the Daily Telegraph). Once again, the press latched on to the negative stereotype of the health and safety practitioner, which IOSH challenged in its response.

Have you seen a story in the media that IOSH should respond to? Contact Paul Marston or Anne Smart on 0116 257 3100.

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