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November 14, 2016

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Podcast: Battle of the Ideas – approaches to leading health and safety

Over the course of 2016, a number of opinions and ideas around safety culture have been put forward.

In SHP’s first podcast, sponsored by Honeywell, we ask six leaders in health and safety:

  • Is safety really broken?
  • What’s the point in zero harm?
  • Is the absence of accidents a positive thing?
  • Is ‘Safety Differently’ a revolution or evolution?
  • What is the biggest threat to safety?

John Green, Ruth Gallagher, Clive Johnson, Karl Simons, Steve Hails and Tim Marsh will take to SHP’s airwaves and battle out the key ideas of leadership and culture.

Learn how they strive to create positive safety cultures through different approaches.

Register to listen live on 29th November at 15.30.

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Claire Williams
Claire Williams
7 years ago

This looks really interesting. With respect, may I ask why there are no women in the debate?

Heather Beach
Heather Beach
7 years ago

Talk about boxing gloves – the moderator is already taking a beating! For those who have commented that our ad for the podcast looked like something out of #everydaysexism – we agree and have taken it down and replaced it with a boxing glove. For those who criticised the all male panel – well, this was an opportunity we leapt on when we heard them discussing it – we were inspired and thought, that will make a good debate! We did not think about the balance – which we normally do! I am actually pleased that times have changed and… Read more »

Louise Ablewhite
Louise Ablewhite
7 years ago

I couldn’t help but notice that this panel does not have any female representation. Is this a conscious decision, or are there no women in this field with the required knowledge base?

Heather Beach
Heather Beach
7 years ago

Hi there – see the above answer. I am sorry to say also that the number of women at this level in the profession ARE few and far between – I can think of a few, but not enough (yet!)

Nigel Ross
Nigel Ross
7 years ago

I ended up missing the live podcast due to work commitments. Are there any plans to make it available on-line? I’d love to listen.