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March 31, 2016

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Recruiters: how to make the most of your listing on SHP4jobs

SHP4jobs has long been the first port of call for anyone keen to progress their career in health and safety. Established in 2007, SHP4jobs is the official job site of Barbour EHS and the number one job site for health and safety roles, but as a recruiter, how do you make the most of your listing?

SHP4jobs attracts job browsers

Unlike job seekers, who might apply for ten jobs without much thought, job browsers are far more selective about what they apply for. They qualify jobs and specifically apply for the most relevant, according to their qualifications, credentials and expertise.

As a recruiter, the focal aim when advertising is to fill the position. By attracting job browsers you can ensure you’re getting quality rather than just quantity.

Job adverts come in various sizes but there are a few significant things you must consider and apply to ensure your advert is able to attract the right candidates best suited for the job:

A tempting job title

The most common way to increase traffic to your job advert is to have a striking title that can be easily searched for. In order to gain as many searches, it’s best to simplify the job title so that the job will appear in the main search engines.

This might mean shortening a job title. For example, within the organisation, the role may be known as a ‘global health and safety risk environmental manager – Rail Engineering’ but for search purposes it would be better to have ‘Global risk manager’. Keeping your job title short and concise gives your advert a better chance of being seen and also gives the potential applicant a vivid understanding of what the job role is. They are then able to make that pending decision, whether to apply for the role or not instead of being baffled by an ambiguous job title.


There is no set in stone structure frame, nonetheless, adverts that apply these elements in this order tend to perform better:

Short introduction – keep this between 40-50 words and give a brief description of what the job role entails. This should be engaging and entice the reader to keep reading.

The role – list all of the key responsibilities the successful candidate will have and preferably bullet point six-eight predominate main tasks they will be expected to undertake.

The person – in order to find your ideal applicant, you must list what qualifications, attributes and skills you are looking for. Bullet point the minimum day-to-day actions you will expect the candidate to undergo along with how the required skills and tasks can be of an advantage for the role. Make sure you carefully choose specific key words that the applicant can relate to and avoid flowery language in order for the reader to fully grasp what actions are obligatory.

The company – use this paragraph or two to explain in depth what your company actually do. Give a brief description of the company’s history and its culture so that the reader can know more about the company. However, divert from providing too much information about the company as the applicant will also do their own research elsewhere if they want to know more about the company.

This section should give you the space to talk about your company but refrain from copying and pasting anything on your website and try to relate the company to the role, making it candidate friendly.

Furthermore, you should also use this section to talk about the rewards the candidate will gain if given the role. This doesn’t necessarily have to be financial rewards, but rewards that will lure them to apply for your role as opposed to a competitor business.

Location – plainly state where the job vacant will be based and also state if whether there are various sites and mention the specific locations.

Salary – clearly state the salary band. It’s imperative to do this as it gives the reader more of an incentive to apply for the role.

However, be warned: if the salary is extremely competitive, it could attract a high volume of applicants who aren’t qualified for the role and are just applying solely because of the salary.

Next steps – state what the applicant needs to do next in order to apply for the role, so either ask them to send their CV and cover letter to a specific email address in the business or place an external URL link behind the apply now button, which takes them to the relevant application page.

The benefits of SHP4jobs

As a recruiter, some essential advantages of using SHP4jobs include:

  • the ability to send direct messages;
  • manual ownership of your jobs;
  • job statistics review;
  • tracking the number of applications; and
  • access to our online payment portal.

All of the features allows you to have a good understanding of how well your job advert is performing or has performed and gives you full access whilst recruiting right from the onset.

Key statistics for SHP4jobs

  • Hosting on average 190 job adverts a day
  • 150,000+ average page views per month
  • 15,000+ average unique visits per month
  • Hosting on average 3,000 job applications a month
  • +26% increase year on year in job applications
  • Daily newsletters
  • 75 jobs a month on average in our daily newsletters

As a dedicated career site for the health and safety profession SHP4jobs has proved increasingly popular with job-seekers and recruiters alike.

David WurieDavid Wurie is senior sales executive for SHP

Advance your career in health and safety

Browse hundreds of jobs in health and safety, brought to you by SHP4Jobs, and take your next steps as a consultant, health and safety officer, environmental advisor, health and wellbeing manager and more.

Or, if you’re a recruiter, post jobs and use our database to discover the most qualified candidates.

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