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Construction working hours can be extended to aid safe working practices

Draft guidance has been set out to aid applicants seeking to extend construction site working hours introduced in the Business and Planning Bill, enabling changes to working hours to support safe construction working. Read More

taxi safety

New standards introduced to improve safety for taxi and private hire vehicle passengers

Passengers travelling in taxis and private hire vehicles (PHVs), including app-based services, will be kept safer under tough new licensing standards introduced by the government. Read More

Rail safety

Trains still discharging waste onto tracks

Approximately 350 rail vehicles continue to discharge waste on the tracks, according to a report in Rail Magazine. Read More


HSE urges Blackburn businesses to take five steps to become COVID-secure

The Health and Safety Executive has said it is out and about talking to businesses in Blackburn and the surrounding areas to ensure they are COVID-secure to help tackle the coronavirus outbreak. Read More

Road safety

Does motorway roadworks speed limit increase put roadworkers at added risk?

Speed limits through most major roadworks in England will be increased to 60mph, Highways England has announced. Read More

public health

New public health plans introduced to ensure pubs, restaurants and cafes offer both smoking and non-smoking outdoor options

People using pubs, restaurants and cafes will soon have greater freedom to choose non-smoking outdoor areas following a Parliamentary amendment to legislation. The Government says a balance has been struck between protecting public health and not imposing additional red tape on businesses. Read More


What3words: The app that could save the lives of lone and rural workers

What3words has divided the world into 57 trillion 3m by 3m squares and given each a unique three word ‘address’. It means, a person’s exact location can be pinpointed more accurately than a street name or postcode in the event of an emergency. Read More

agriculture, forestry and fishing safety

Report published into fatal injuries in agriculture, forestry and fishing in Britain

The HSE has issued a report that shows agriculture has the one of the worst rates of worker fatal injury in Great Britain. Last year, 21 people were killed in agriculture, one was a child. Read More

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Webinar: ‘Target Zero’ – Minimising Accident and Injury in the Workplace

In this webinar, you will learn: The impact on COVID-19 on attitude towards vetting contractors for Health, Safety, Ethnical and Sustainable factors, The top challenges EHS managers face when managing contractors and Tools and techniques EHS managers use to source and manage contractors, and how this may change in a post-COVID-10 environment. Read More

in court

Council fined following fatality after a tree branch struck a moving vehicle

Wirral Borough Council has been fined after a branch from a tree fell and struck the vehicle of a pregnant mother while she was driving, resulting in injuries to the mother and the loss of her prematurely born baby. Read More