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Women's health

How businesses can better support menopausal women

Alaana Woods, Commercial Director at Bupa Health Clinics, says it’s time to put menopause on the top of the business agenda and address the taboo. Here, she outlines some ways businesses can help support women in their organisation. Read More


HSE Chair Sarah Newton reflects on the past year

Sarah Newton began her five-year posting as HSE Chair in August 2020. In this blog, she shares her thoughts and observations from time at the helm so far and looks forward to the year ahead. Read More

SHP top 5

SHP weekly top five

This week the articles most read on SHP have been: 8 common forklift truck hazards managers should look out for, Vue Entertainment Ltd admits safety failures following man’s death, PPE and coronavirus, The benefits and risks of the COVID-19 vaccination and Work-related stress and the wellbeing of frontline workers. Read More

workplace violence

Scheme launched to increase convictions for assault on frontline NHS staff

A London-wide operation has been launched to convict those who assault NHS staff. The initiative will see a senior officer review all reports of assaults and hate crime against NHS staff. Read More


Addressing ‘learned helplessness’ in the workplace

Brendan Street, Professional Head of Emotional Wellbeing at Nuffield Health, discusses how to support employees dealing with feelings of negativity and helplessness in the workplace and how to help them to excel while pandemic restrictions remain. Read More


Webinar: April 2021 environmental legislation update

This environmental update webinar, which takes place on Wednesday 28 April at 11:00 GMT, will be looking at the latest environmental legislation changes and how they impact your business. Read More

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COSHH back to basics – A plain English guide on COSHH

The eBook will teach you: What the COSHH regulations are, substances covered under COSHH, how to write and interpret a COSHH risk assessment Read More


The benefits and risks of the COVID-19 vaccination

Public Health England has issued guidance, which sets out information on the benefits and risks of the COVID-19 vaccination, addressing concerns between the vaccination and blood clotting. It has also issued Blood clotting information for healthcare professionals and updated its vaccination guide for adults. Read More

Forklift truck safety

Evaluate your site safety

Safety as a journey, not a destination, is a widely accepted construct. UKMHA Chief Executive and FLTA Director Tim Waples invites you to review that journey and asks: “are you sitting comfortably?” Read More

remote rotational workers

‘40% of remote rotational workers experience suicidal thoughts some or all of the time’

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on remote rotational workers has been revealed in a new global study by the International SOS Foundation and Affinity Health at Work. Read More