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Simon Turner is Campaign Manager at Driving for Better Business and Chairman of the Association for Road Risk Management.
December 19, 2023

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Vehicles don’t crash – people do!

Insights into effective driver safety management.

21st March 2024, 09:30 – 16:00

Senior safety professionals and directors are invited to attend our free one-day conference held at the spectacular National Space Centre in Leicester.

Headline speaker: Matthew Syed

Journalist, broadcaster and international best-selling author of Black Box Thinking

Driving for Better Business and the National Highways Commercial Vehicle Incident Prevention team are hosting a free one-day conference at the National Space Centre in Leeds to discuss two of the most important topics in managing driver safety – driver fatigue and incident investigation.

This is an opportunity for safety professionals to deeply understand these two challenges and come away with solid ideas and resources on how to tackle them in your own organisation.

Our morning session will feature presentations from internationally renowned experts in the fields of sleep, fatigue and circadian science as they relate to those who drive for work.

The afternoon session will focus on what safety managers can learn from other industries. This isn’t just about drivers – it is about how hazardous, yet safety-mature, industries have got where they are, and how those lessons can then be applied to the field of at-work driver safety.

We’ll be looking a how the world’s leading organisations in the air, rail and petrochemical industries identify and manage risk, how they investigate incidents, and how they learn from those incidents in order to reduce risk still further.

The National Highways team will be launching a new road incident investigation toolkit, developed by professional road accident investigators, and each delegate will receive a free copy. It is not acceptable to simply assume the driver was to blame and then either discipline them or provide further training. In many collisions, the root causes can be traced back to systemic driver management issues such as unrealistic work schedules, an environment that creates stress and anxiety, and recreation drug use, among many others. An unsupportive culture that actively discourages speaking up can mean these issues are not identified and continue to put your drivers and other road users at risk. The toolkit will help safety professionals get to the route cause of road incidents in their organisation and understand how to translate what they learn into safer working practices that reduce road risk.

Our presentation team for this session are experts in building inclusive, high-performing safety cultures through data analysis, investigation and communication.

The highlight of our day will be a presentation from writer, journalist and broadcaster Matthew Syed. Matthew’s international bestselling book Black Box Thinking is the clearest illustration of how blame culture is the enemy of safety culture and how people, organisations, and even entire industries, can become exceptional high-performers when it comes to safety management through a genuine desire to learn from mistakes and ensure they are not repeated.

Tickets to this unique event are free and will be made available in the New Year. If you would like to register your interest in attending, please follow this event link:

Driving for Better Business Event: Vehicles don’t crash – people do!

Delegates will also get the chance to tour the National Space Centre museum after the talks have finished.

Feedback from last year’s event:

“What an event! Highlight of the year! The stand-out moment for me was the keynote speaker Meera Naran MBE. She spoke of her incredibly emotional and powerful story, I feel privileged to have heard it. Looking forward to the next one and I’ll be bringing more of the EXEROS Technologies team!”

Nick Adams, Exeros Technologies

“The day from start to finish was engaging, educational and thought provoking, with some incredible speakers. We were blown away by the venue!”

Sophie Saint, CLOCS

“Amazing conference, brilliant speakers!”

Martin Shepherd Managing Director at M.P.S. Coachbuilding Ltd

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