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March 21, 2023

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The Importance of Air Quality Control in Your Industry

Air Quality, both Internally & Externally, have never been so high on our agenda of importance. The recent Covid epidemic have certainly brought the issue to all our attention – and now HSE and Governments are reacting with policies to improve the Air Quality to a level our bodies deserve.

Generally, if you can see that you have an issue, you can then do something about it.

Unfortunately, with Air Quality, it is not often a problem that you can actually see. It is known as the ‘Invisible Killer’ and especially construction dust, which is being called ‘The New Asbestos’.

  • A recent new study, has found that only 0.001% of the global population are exposed to WHO safe Air Quality levels.
  • New research into global daily air pollution, has concluded that almost nowhere in the World is safe from excessive levels of PM2.5.
  • The team from Public Health and Preventive Medicine, found that only 0.18% of the global land area and 0.001% of the global population are exposed to levels of PM2.5 below those recommended by the Word Health Organization.

Poor Air Quality, can have a drastic impact on our health. It is strongly linked to a variety of severe illnesses such as aggravated asthma, headaches and anxiety, lung disease, heart disease, diabetes, liver damage, liver damage, blood disease, cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. (COPD)

  • It is having an extreme effect on our school children, where the correct Air Quality solutions installed can increase exam results by up to 30%.
  • It is creating poor living conditions for our businesses and homes, with mould now prevalent in over 25% of our properties.
  • It is affecting our businesses with an increase in sick days, reducing employee’s productivity levels and rescinding companies’ profits, at a time where every penny counts.

In short, it is costing our businesses money, it is impacting our health and it is causing our NHS extreme pressures, as Air Quality related issues is now their No1 concern….

But there are solutions, no matter which industry you work in.

Our clients saw a 53% increase in productivity and an impressive 32.7% reduction in sick days, where the correct Air Quality solutions were implemented.

There are already laws in place to protect the public, employee’s and visitors. The Health and Safety Workplace Act 1974 is in place, to provide a safe environment for all employees, and applies to all companies.

The responsibility includes making sure that their internal air, is better than that of outside, Generally, this is not the case with the internal air being 5 times worse, and can be considerably higher – it is having a serious impact on all health.

Dust, a really serious issue, has formed part of COSHH 2002, HSE has a major focus all companies creating dust within the workplace, construction, joinery, demolition, bakeries etc.

HSE state there are three key things you need to do:

  • Assess (the risks)
  • Control (the risks)
  • Review (the risks)

At Ultra-Protect, we make a difference as we understand the invisible issues.

Whether your Air Quality issues is Internally or Externally, Ultra Protect consultants can help. We offer solutions and advice within any sector, assessing the risks via Air Quality Assessments.

These are performed by our consultants, with the use of MERCTS calibrated certificated equipment, or Air Quality monitors with live data linked with Building Management System (BMS) internally or externally linked to one dashboard with WELL and RESET certifications.

Monitoring the following:

PM 1 – PM10, CO2, VOC, NO2, HCHO, Humidity, Temp, Pressure, Light, Noise and Mould. (Others available)

The principal steps at Ultra-Protect are:

Access the environment with an Air Quality Assessment.

  • Understand the building/environment.
  • Understand the working conditions.
  • Understand the cause.

Work with the client to understand what Air Quality Solutions that are already implemented.

  • Training, for the understanding of the existing systems & use.
  • Servicing & maintenance to maximise existing systems performances.
  • Program of improvements over time, based on risks.

Implement Bespoke Solutions.

  • Proactive monitoring – 24-7 linked to a visual platform to reduce a building energy use & improve Air Quality.
  • Air Movement Solutions – Heat Recovery, Ventilation, Passive.
  • Servicing.
  • Dust control.
  • Air Purification systems. (HEPA & V-mass filtration)

Reviewing the risks via our reports generated by our consultants or by dashboard of the monitoring systems installed.

We help you be compliant with a focus on the said three key things you need to do: –

  • Air Quality Assessments
  • Air Quality Monitoring.
  • Air Movement. (Mechanical & Passive)

Ultra Protect

Find Ultra Protect at the Health and Safety Expo
Internal Air Quality is of the utmost importance. We’ll help you understand your building’s Air Quality and implement tailored, bespoke Air Movement solutions.
Save your business money, improve productivity, improve the working conditions and, most importantly, protect yours, your visitors, your employee’s and your loved one’s health, with Ultra Protect.

Want to learn more? Come and visit us at the show on stand SH.2652

No two premises are the same.

No two causes are the same.

No two solutions are the same.

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