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November 9, 2023

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Pathways to Net Zero

Rising global temperatures have the potential to dramatically change how we live. Climate change is predicted to lead to rising sea levels, more forest fires, food shortages, population upheavals and global economic shocks.

The Paris Agreement of 2015 recognises that rising global temperatures must be limited to an increase of below 2°C – and ideally, not more than 1.5°C – above pre-industrial levels if the world is to escape calamity.

Limiting the extent of climate change will require substantial reductions in greenhouse-gas emissions over the coming decades.

The Challenge of Net Zero

The Glasgow Climate Pact agreed at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) sets out that the target for net zero emissions must be met by 2050 if temperature rises are to be moderated. In practice, this means nations need to ensure the amount of greenhouse gases emitted and released into the atmosphere is less than or equal to the amount that’s being removed from it. If this happens on a global scale, it will significantly reduce the amount of emissions contributing to rising global temperatures.

Net zero will be achieved through a variety of measures, all of which will require substantial changes to how energy’s generated and used across society.

Net Zero in Your Organisation

Net zero is not only a challenge at a national level but it also means changes must be made across businesses and other organisations. Businesses will need to develop and implement a net zero strategy that’s deliverable by and for their organisation and to gain everybody’s commitment to it.

The Pathways to Net Zero programme from Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) is designed to inform and support people working to implement a net zero strategy within their organisation. Over two days, it explains climate science and the urgency of moving towards net zero. It looks at the risks and opportunities for businesses, plus the benefits of low-carbon goods and services.

The programme explores issues surrounding governance, how to ensure the right resources are in place and how to establish accountability. You, as a participant, will also learn how to better communicate the importance of net zero targets and to build support for the net zero strategy.

The course can be studied online at your own pace or over two days in a classroom setting. The course forms a part of the IEMA’s broader mission to make certain UK businesses and organisations have the skills and knowledge to rise to the complex environmental challenges ahead.

Skills and Training for a Sustainable Future

At IEMA, we’re the global professional body for over 21,000 individuals and 300 organisations that are working, studying or interested in the environment and sustainability.

A key aspect of our mission is to ensure professionals working in environmental and sustainability roles have the training and development they need to deliver sustainable workplace solutions.

Our Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management has been developed by experts and leading practitioners in this field to equip those of you who are new entrants and career changers with the skills you need to succeed.

If you’re a professional looking to advance your career into a leadership role, you can deepen your knowledge and strengthen your skill base with our Certificate in Environmental Management. This has also been developed by knowledgeable practitioners across the sustainability sector to make sure the next generation of leaders can rise to the complex challenges ahead. By completing the course successfully, you’ll be entitled to associate membership of IEMA.

Wherever you or your organisation is on your journey towards sustainability, IEMA programmes can help you make the progress you need.

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