Occupational Health

HSE stats: we’ve put safety first, at the expense of health

Yesterday, the HSE issued the annual health and safety statistics for the UK. The good news is that the number of fatal accidents and injuries are down and continue to fall year on year. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same thing for the health of our workers. There have undoubtedly been some improvements in occupational […]

Construction design dilemma: CDM2015

The current requirement of hazard elimination and risk mitigation as proposed in CDM2015 has the odds stacked against it, argues John Carpenter. He offers some thoughts on how to improve the situation. Since 1995, the mandatory requirement under criminal law for construction designers (as employers) to have regard to the consequences of their design decisions […]
Common Workplace Hazards

Five things about early rehabilitation that you may not know

Capturing injury or illness early and treating it appropriately results in better outcomes for injured parties and prevents the development of chronic conditions. It requires considerable skill, however, to manage early rehabilitation, working with injured people at the early stage to ensure that their condition is appropriately assessed and the right treatment commenced. Here are […]
Care home

Scottish care home fined £30,000 after pensioner is scalded

Campsie View care home in Kirkintilloch, East Dunbartonshire has been fined £30,000 after an elderly resident suffered burns when she was placed in a bath that was too hot. Elizabeth Warrington, who was 80 at the time of the incident in September 2009, scalded her hands and feet. She was treated for three weeks at […]

Occupational hygiene saves lives

Control strategies for long latency occupational disease tend to target workers’ respiratory health. But as Chris Keen explains, skin absorption and ingestion exposure are often overlooked. Anyone who has seen the latest figures on long latency occupational disease will appreciate the sheer scale of the problem. HSE estimates that there were around 8,000 deaths attributed […]
In Court

Somerset firm fined £80,000 after worker killed in explosion

A horticultural company has been fined after a worker died and three others were seriously injured in an explosion while emptying a pressurised tank used to heat greenhouses. HSE said that simple, sensible and proportionate steps should have been taken to do the work safely. Peter James, aged 67 of Southmead Terrace, Crewkerne, died of […]

Free download: the Barbour legislation diary

 Free download: the Barbour EHS legislation diary   The Barbour legislation diary lists all the known legislation changes due in 2014 all the way through to 2015. It also includes legislation that has yet to be given a date. It is a small element of what the Barbour EHS service offers its users – Barbour […]

Viewpoints on the Deregulation Bill

The controversial Deregulation Bill was voted through the House of Lords without any amendments to its first clause, the element of the Bill that concerns safety organisations such as IOSH. We asked prominent figures in health and safety what they thought the impact of the Bill will be when it comes into force.   As […]
In Court

Firm to pay £125k following crane collision fatality

An Oldham manufacturer has been ordered to pay £125,000 in fines and costs after an employee died when he was struck by a three-tonne piece of steel being lifted by an overhead crane in July 2011. Michael Wickstead, 63, from Radcliffe, was working for Refinery Supplies Ltd on the Greengate Industrial Estate in Chadderton when […]
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