Throwback Thursday: cold & flu season

It’s the time of year when the weather is still a bit cold and grim and illness is rife. This week’s Throwback Thursday looks at colds and flu in the workplace and how they can affect workers. In March 1990 SHP looked at a research study which revealed a link between infection with influenza virus […]

IOSH forklift safety management qualification launched

Mentor Training have launched the first-ever IOSH accredited safety management course tailored to the needs of those responsible for overseeing forklift operations. ‘IOSH Managing Safely: Forklift Operations’ recognises the important role in safety played by managers and supervisors. The four-day course was developed in close partnership with IOSH and is exclusive to Mentor. Mentor director […]

CPD article – Standing on the shoulders of giants: lessons from IOSH

To mark IOSH’s 70th anniversary, serving president Ian Harper met one of his presidential predecessors, and longest serving IOSH members, Stan Barnes to learn lessons for the future from IOSH’s past. Bryan Henesey reports on the meeting. When 58 people attended the first meeting of the Industrial Safety Officers’ Section (ISOS) of RoSPA, in London […]

Climate change: framework for a safety culture

A positive safety culture brings measurable benefits to organisations, including a more engaged workforce and reduced accident rates. Jennifer Webster outlines the framework for an effective assessment of safety culture by testing the climate in organisations. Developing a safety culture that supports good health and safety in an organisation is vital to ensure adequate control […]
Fire Safety And Emergency

FDIS research raises fire door concerns

Research carried out by the Fire Door Inspection Scheme (FDIS) has identified issues around the effectiveness of UK fire doors in holding back smoke and flames in the event of a fire. Inspectors visited 31 sites and looked at 677 doors in the FDIS analysis. The research uncovered 2,506 faults on the fire doors inspected, […]

Office safety and first aid: don’t get caught out

Lionel Bailey outlines the key hazards in the office environment and explains how businesses can ensure they have adequate first aid provision based on industry best practice. Mitigating risks in an office environment starts with ensuring there is relevant first aid provision in the workplace. Potential hazards may not be obvious in the average office […]

Worker health protection: international human rights issue

The government has thrown its support behind the first wide-scale project to rank companies on their human rights performance. The innovative project, announced by International group Aviva Investors at the end of 2014, has also been welcomed by the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS). The new corporate human rights benchmark will assess and rank the […]

Fit for Work: GPs start patient referrals

General practitioners in Sheffield have become the first GPs to refer patients to the government’s long-awaited Fit for Work. Twenty GPs in the Sheffield area started to use the referral service on 13 January. The Department for Work and Pensions envisages that the service will be rolled out across the country in the spring, building […]

Alone in the Outback: Protecting lone workers when mobile signal fails

By Jeff Carroll Few places are vaster than the Australian outback. But unlike other areas around the globe that we think of as ‘remote’, the Outback, far from being deserted, is home to many people who require the same services as any other community. When I began working with companies whose employees venture into and […]
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