SoloProtect launches smarter customer engagement platform

International lone worker company, SoloProtect, is set to launch its customer engagement platform, SoloProtect Insights this month.

The company claim ‘SoloProtect Insights’ will revolutionise how customers implement, manage and analyse lone workers, devices and applications.


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The platform is a key part of SoloProtect’s product roadmap, and will continue to evolve and underpin all SoloProtect lone worker products throughout 2018 and beyond.

SoloProtect Insights is a fully-responsive, online portal. It provides exclusive, relevant information and real-time metrics to assist planning, implementation, and ongoing solution management.

Ease of use

Designed for ease of use, Insights utilises a sleek and intuitive user interface, and affords a manager or administrator greater control, flexibility and speed of change-implementation. It’s also a platform for end-users to access online training and customer support.

SoloProtect Insights will be available to all SoloProtect customers at no additional cost – supplied as a core supporting function of the solution. Designed to deliver content rich information quickly, and with security in mind – all requests within the platform will use HTTPS using SSL for secure data transfer in line with industry standard. SoloProtect is Cyber Essentials Plus accredited.

Huge milestone

John Broady, CEO SoloProtect commented: “Delivering SoloProtect Insights has been a huge milestone for the company, and we’ve strived to deliver an end-product to delight our customers. We believe Insights will do that and more – it provides a streamlined customer experience that delivers great support, user-adoption and better engagement.”

SoloProtect has delivered comprehensive lone worker protection since 2003 and is now helping employers to protect their lone working staff in over ten countries. The company, which has now supplied in-excess of 250,000 dedicated lone worker devices to date, will be announcing several, exciting new lone worker solutions in 2018.



SoloProtect Insights gives users several clear benefits:

  • A dramatic reduction in time spent on lone worker solution administration.
  • Accessibility for users and managers alike with a responsive & clear design accessible from mobile devices, tablets, laptops and personal computers.
  • Easy management of lone workers and devices, using a simple drag and drop style interface and the ability to bulk upload, but with suitable validation processes to remove duplication at source.
  • Quick and easy ways to store important user contact information, working patterns or important medical details that may inform how a ‘Red Alert’ is best handled.
  • Easy management of groups & points of escalation for lone workers.
  • Accessible and in-built user training including knowledge-check elements, supported by a full audit trail.

Changes and updates made will be live within SoloProtect’s EN 50518 compliant Alarm Receiving Centre within minutes.

Greater visibility and flexibility

Craig Swallow, Senior Vice President SoloProtect added:

“SoloProtect Insights will give customers greater visibility and flexibility with regards to the management of their lone workers. Insights is augmented by our industry-leading, telephone-based Customer Services Team – customers and end users will continue to be able to speak to a member of our team in the UK for account support when needed.”

Insights launches for SoloProtect customers in the UK and US in December 2017, but will also be made available to customers in the EU in 2018.

More information about SoloProtect Insights here

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