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Safepoint partner with security giants ADT

UK-based lone working experts Safepoint have signed an exclusive partnership agreement with ADT –one of the world’s most trusted security brands– to better protect their growing user base.

For the first time ever, ADT will be using their unrivalled experience in commercial security to protect workers outside the office.

The move comes as a major vote of confidence for lone working and staff management company Safepoint who, since 2017, have worked hard to modernise the workplace safety sector.

How Safepoint keep workers safe

More than 20% of the UK workforce are classified as “lone workers” –from nurses to construction workers, estate agents to sales reps. While perfectly legal, working alone can increase the risk of significant injury, and should be taken seriously.

Safepoint helps companies protect and organise their staff through their award-winning apps and wearable devices, as well as a 24/7 emergency response service. If a Safepoint user is injured or unresponsive, a smart alarm (complete with the user’s live location and safety information) is sent to a team of expert responders.

Within ten seconds of an alarm being triggered, the response team will attempt to check in with the user. If at any point the team feels that there is a genuine emergency, they are trained and qualified to liaise with the emergency services.

By providing a faster and more intelligent system for protecting lone workers, Safepoint offers a truly lifesaving service.

How ADT are helping Safepoint protect workers in the UK and abroad

ADT have signed an exclusive contract to manage Safepoint’s 24/7 emergency response service from their purpose-built alarm receiving centre.

Safepoint says that, due to a series of exciting innovations in their product, they are seeing their user base increase dramatically. They have partnered with ADT to ensure that they can keep up with this new demand while maintaining the high quality their clients are used to.

Safepoint’s CEO, Callum Coombes, explained further, “Safepoint has grown rapidly in the last half a decade. Through our apps and wearable devices, we are now protecting workers across four continents for organisations such as Mitsubishi, Michelin, Age UK, and the NHS. Working closely with ADT –and in particular their alarm monitoring team– means that we can utilise 150 years of experience from the world’s most well-known security company. This is going to allow us to provide an even better service for our customers and will help us protect more workers in the future.”

The new partnership is sure to prove popular among Safepoint’s existing and future customers. ADT’s residential division protects over 240,000 customers and enjoys an “Excellent” rating on Trustpilot, while its business alarms are often rated the best in the UK.

What’s more, as Safepoint continues to grow internationally, they expect to be working even closer with ADT and their associated brands. ADT is part of Johnson Controls –a world leader in smart buildings that employs 100,000 experts across more than 150 countries and serves over 4 million customers –so there are plenty of opportunities for the two companies to bring safety and productivity to a wider audience.

Of the partnership, Adam Norris, Head of Sales at ADT Electronic Security had this to say, “We at ADT are always looking for new ways to provide security, support and peace of mind to our customers. As market-leading providers of business security, we’re really excited about this new partnership. Keeping staff safe when they’re working remotely is really important and we believe that Safepoint provide the most advanced and comprehensive solution on the market.”

More than just emergencies

Safepoint’s partnership with ADT is only the most recent development in a series of innovations. Earlier this year, Safepoint became the first lone working solution to bring comprehensive team management features into their app.

They say that this addition was a response to an increasing number of their clients working remotely, flexibly, part-time, or from home. Some of their clients are travelling between different continents without ever stepping into a traditional office. For these workers, Safepoint is not just a tool for emergencies, it’s an essential part of the daily logistics of a modern business.

Mr Coombes explained this concept further, “The app is completely unique in that it brings together all the benefits of a lone working system with some really helpful team management features. That means Safepoint is not just about keeping workers safe; it is also about keeping teams connected and organised in an ever-more remote working environment. We’re aiming to be the all-in-one solution for keeping staff safe and organised –wherever, whenever and however they want to work.”

Safepoint is out to change the face of workplace safety and to make teams safer and more productive, wherever they are. Now, with the support of one of the world’s most respected security companies, that aim seems closer than ever.

Safepoint’s lone working and staff management system is available now. Those interested can start a completely free trial at safepointapp.com or they can book in a demo at safepointapp.com/book-a-meeting.

Organisations can choose Safepoint’s self-monitored package, or upgrade to GuardianPlus, which includes ADT’s 24/7 alarm monitoring service. Full pricing information can be found on Safepoint’s website, and they also provide discounts for charities and enterprise customers.

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