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July 11, 2012

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Work-at-height rescue device – Latchways PRD

Latchways believes its Personal Rescue Device (PRD) could revolutionise the rescue process for staff working at height.

The PRD is described as a lightweight, unobtrusive unit, which attaches to a standard harness. In the event of a fall, the user is able to activate the device by pulling a ‘rip cord’, lowering themselves to the ground in a controlled descent.

Latchways says that unlike with other rescue devices no specialist training is required, as the unit is worn as part of a standard harness, with a built-in 20m length of line.

The company adds that the innovative design uses quality componentry and a limited number of moving parts, ensuring mechanical integrity, which is defined by the design standards the PRD meets and exceeds.
Latchways also says it can advise on anchorage structure, specification, installation and maintenance.

For further information on the PRD, visit

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