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August 23, 2011

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Passing inspector halts unsafe roof-work

A roofing firm was caught allowing two employees to work on a slippery roof without edge protection, despite receiving work-at-height advice from the HSE on four separate occasions.€

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10 years ago

Good to see a few stories in SHP showing proactive inspections by the HSE. A very poor effort by the company in this case as it has no excuse for these failings considering the amount of help the HSE had offered to it in the preceding weeks.

10 years ago

Surprised to see lads stood on roofs power washing in trainers with the boss up the road either loading more lads off at another job or sat in the cafe having food. thinking about is next holiday abroad whilst lads risk there lives without even having the common sense to realise it. not surprised at all greed for money is the only answer.