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March 8, 2018

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Gender-balanced management teams are safer, report finds

A balanced mix of men and women in management are likely to make for a safer work environment, according to a new Sodexo study.

The study by the international services company Sodexo found its offices with a gender-balanced management team had 12% less accidents than other workplaces.

The study of 70 different offices and 50,000 managers in Sodexo worldwide also found management teams with a balanced mix of both genders were more successful in other areas.

According to the report, employee engagement rates are 14% higher in offices where there was a mixture of men and women in management.

Employee retention rates were also found to be 8% higher and operating and operating margins were said to be “significantly increased” in these teams, as well.

Creating a supportive environment

The report also found there was a direct correlation between the percentage of women in the total workforce and those in management, which indicates how a gender-balanced workforce and leadership team can create a supportive environment for women to progress.

“By putting our head above the parapet and actually conducting research on our own workforce, we have been able to prove that gender-balanced leadership not only makes business sense, but can enhance the quality of life of our employees,” said the chairman of Sodexo UK & Ireland, Sean Haley.

“Despite notable progress, we are fully aware more work needs to be done, which is why achieving gender balance is one of the three pillars of our Better Tomorrow 2025 vision.”

Half of Sodexo’s board are female and the company said 32% of its senior leadership roles are held by women.

The company also estimates 59% of its total workforce works within a gender-balanced management environment.

“These results add a new, compelling dimension to a growing body of research that demonstrates the business benefits of gender equality,” added Sodexo’s senior vice president, Rohini Anand.

Read the full report here 


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