Workforce Training

How interactive theatre is changing the face of wellbeing training

Tim Walsh at AntiroMedia on a new approach to workplace communciation. Read More

Member grade structure launched by IOSH to “future-proof” profession

IOSH has launched a membership grades structure as it aims to “future-proof” the profession. Read More

New centre for occupational safety and health launched in Scotland

A new centre for occupational safety and health has been launched in Scotland, hoped to drive research, teaching and shared knowledge in the sector. Read More

Manage Your Training Like a Pro

In this webinar, you will see first hand how a digitised system can transform your training management processes as well as learning how to make the transition a successful one. Read More

“Being able to train and instruct others brings together a very specific skill set that cannot be underestimated” – Mark Cardnell champions the HS trainer

Mark Cardnell says basic health and safety training can ignite and refresh a career. Before the start of a recent Read More

Vetting the vets – can a new study help the sector get the right treatment?

A culture of stoicism has skewed the reporting of accidents in the veterinary profession. However, with a new study on safety attitudes on the horizon can the sector become more transparent in its HS shortcomings. SHP Editor Mark Glover finds out. Read More

NCRQ LATEST – Phoenix recruit former NCRQ Director of Product Development and NEBOSH publish statement

Appointment suggests plans beginning to form around gap left by training provider as NEBOSH confirms it will map elements of qualification. Read More

NCRQ to stop delivering qualifications

The National Compliance and Risk Qualifications (NCRQ) says it will no longer operate its education programme. The National Compliance and Read More

‘Is your ADR Training up to date and accessible?’ asks RTITB

Employers and training providers across the UK are being urged to bring their ADR training materials up to date, in line with recent revisions to the ADR (Carriage of Dangerous Goods) training syllabus by RTITB. Read More

National Forklift Safety Day highlights the importance of operator training

As part of its continuing commitment to raising safety standards across the material handling sector, UKMHA is once again championing the cause of National Forklift Safety Day. Read More

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