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COVID-19 everything changed – The practitioners response to a global emergency

Beyond the horrendous death toll of the coronavirus pandemic is the profound social and economic change it has wrought upon all of us. It is an opportune moment to pause and reflect. Pegasus has distilled the wisdom of its clients and experts through interviews and research to ask some big questions.

How did we get here? What began as a vague report of contagion at the start of the year has now brought us to the brink of the biggest recession in 300 years. The streets are empty, airports stilled, hospitals are full and everyone on the planet is having to keep their distance from each other.

What has been the response? The response from the Government and enforcement authorities, from a legal perspective, from business in manufacturing, construction and logistics sectors. Who is at work and how are they staying safe? Who is at home and how are they coping?

How do we get back to normal? The idea of going back to work is filled with promise of earned income, job satisfaction, and the social benefits of camaraderie. But entwined with it is apprehension about how safe it is to commute and to work in a room full of people. What are employers doing and what do they need to do to protect us?

And here’s a question that there wasn’t time to answer but is well worth thinking about. Do we want to go back to the way things were before?

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