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September 3, 2018

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Legislation Update

Legislation Update Q&A: RIDDOR, ISO 45001, GDPR

Health and safety law and securing compliance remains to be an ever important and far reaching area, particularly now in light of unlimited and ever increasing fines. Following our recent Legislation Update webinar, Howard Pullman, Business Development Director at Cority, answers some of your pressing questions.

How do the new Data Protection requirements affect the gathering and processing of personal data under RIDDOR?

Howard Pullman

Howard Pullman

Howard Pullman (HP): “The GDPR regulations allow you to collect information on a ‘data subject’ (eg a person involved in a RIDDOR because you have clear reason to do so, so GDPR doesn’t have an impact.  It is, however, data relating to them, however, you would be required to provide if they make such a request.”

What is the easiest and most cost effective way for organisations to maintain an accurate list of legislation that affects them

(HP): “The easiest way – especially when working in more than one country, is to sign up to a regulatory information library tool such as Barbour, Enhesa or Regscan – and use EHS software (such as Cority) which has an applicability module to help guide as to what applies.”

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Is Compliance with ISO 450001 mandatory or voluntary for facilities?

(HP): “Compliance and registration to this standard is optional – it is a standard not a law.  However, adherence to the standard should ensure you are operating in what would be considered a correct manner.”

How will GDPR affect H&S and standards?

(HP): “GDPR will not directly affect H&S standards.  What it will do is require you to be able to deliver to the ‘data subject” who requests it – the information you hold on them.  Thus, if you are using disparate systems, sharepoint, excel and various other tools you may find it difficult to comply with their request and risk a fine.  A good reason to move to an HSE system that captures all this information in one place and can export it upon you requesting an individual’s data.”

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