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February 1, 2018

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Webinar: The 5 key steps for conducting a successful incident investigation

Barbour webinar

A common workplace mistake is ignoring the foundations to conduct an effective incident investigation, and this critical issue will be the topic of the next Barbour webinar in February.

If you do not have an adequately trained & prepared team who can develop a full and complete picture of an incident, the opportunity to identify all possible solutions is missed, including solutions that are more cost effective, easier to implement, or have a much better chance of preventing recurrence.

This webinar, which takes place on Tuesday 27 February, and is hosted by Barbour, will outline the five key steps of an incident investigation which precede the actual analysis, as well as the important considerations within each step to ensure a thorough and successful investigation.


Stephen Reeve, EMEA General Manager, ARMS Reliability

Reeve works with ARMS Reliability’s clients across the Europe, Middle East and Africa regions to help them identify the appropriate level of RCA training for their employees.

Having worked in international corporations for over 30 years that deliver consulting & training services, Reeve has been involved in numerous multi-site, multi-continent & multicultural projects where he has ensured that training programs have been set-up & delivered to ensure the trainees receive the most value from any training they receive.


Steve Vardy, RCA Facilitator/Instructor & Senior Reliability Engineer, ARMS Reliability

Steve has been using and applying Root Cause Analysis for over 20 years and is currently an expert RCA facilitator and instructor. He has worked with numerous organisations globally and knows the importance of correct and methodical incident investigations.

Steve is very knowledgeable in the role and application of RCA in ensuring the health and safety of employees and others by identifying hazards, quantifying the associated risks and implementing control measures to prevent the actuation of the hazards.

Steve has facilitated individual investigations and assisted in the development and implementation of RCA programs for various major companies in the UK and overseas.

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