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April 19, 2016

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Safety Workwear and Protective Clothing

Health and safety workwear protects the user against health or safety risks at work.

Workwear and PPE can include items such as safety helmets, gloves, eye protection, high-visibility clothing, safety footwear.

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Switch to plastic-free workwear: Up your corporate responsibility game

‘We’re seeing more and more employers make this ethical choice for their businesses and offer sustainable workwear to their employees,’ says Ann Dowdeswell, Sales and Marketing Director at Jermyn Street Design.

Oak processionary moths: How to protect workers during spring and summer

Andrzej Palka looks at how PPE plays a primary role in preventing human contact with the caterpillars, thus protecting workers from harm.

Engel workwear’s sustainable & stretch-comfort collections help save the environment

Alongside a continual policy of developing products to keep ahead of the highest comfort and protection standards demanded by their customers, Danish manufacturer, ENGEL Workwear says it also focuses on making a positive contribution to aiding the Global climate challenge.

Barbour EHS legislation update eBook – April 2022

After a hiatus on the legislation landscape due to the pandemic, things have been picking up again with new Regulations coming into force, consultations being launched, and changes made to existing guidance.

Rana Plaza collapse: Nine years on, what does the future of workwear production look like?

On 24 April 2013, the Rana Plaza building collapsed in Bangladesh, killing 1,134 people. What have we learnt since?

PPE at work regulations updated

From 6 April 2022 the regulations on wearing PPE at work have changed. Here, we explain what’s changed for who, and why. 

Funding given to support research and development of innovative recycling solution trial

Arco has committed seed funding to partner with Stuff4Life to support the research and development of a circular economy solution for polyester workwear.

How to protect workers against Avian Influenza

In this article Figen Ersezer informs businesses on how to best protect workers against Avian Influenza, with poultry farm workers being at high risk.

Fire services across UK donate kit and equipment to support Ukrainian firefighters

Fire services across the UK are donating thousands of items of kit and equipment to support firefighters on the frontline in Ukraine.

Fisherman’s life saved by crucial decision to utilise safety kit  

Fisherman Paul Reed, who went overboard from the Sydney Rose, miles from land, saved his own life by deciding to put on a lifejacket.

Fire crews in London and Greater Manchester to be given bullet proof vests

Firefighters in London and Greater Manchester will be given bullet proof vests, first-aid equipment and training on how to deal with terrorist attacks.

Listen Up: ‘Employers must provide the same level of hearing protection to all workers under amended PPE Regulations’ 

Tim Turney, Global Marketing Manager at Casella, shares expert advice on hearing protection in the workplace.

Two fake PPE companies shut down

Companies fraudulently took £180,000 from COVID-19 financial assistance schemes.

Court rules government’s PPE ‘VIP lane’ unlawful

The government’s VIP fast-track lane, used for awarding PPE contracts to those with political connections, has been ruled as unlawful by the High Court.

How to stand out safely this winter

Arco advises on managing workers comfort in winter, while also sharing guidance on being safe and seen when working outdoors during the months ahead.

Work as imagined vs. work as done

Ralph Franke, Andre Fey, and Myriam Perrier, debate the topic of ‘work as imagined vs. work as done’.

Employees sustain serious burns in explosion at vehicle servicing centre

A commercial vehicle servicing and repair company has been fined after two workers suffered serious burns when flammable brake cleaning fluid ignited causing a fire.

Arco’s PPE Procurement Crisis campaign wins PRCA National Award

Arco’s campaign identifying the issues with PPE procurement in the first phase of the pandemic, has won a PRCA National Award.

Safety app protects remote workers

If you’re regularly faced with social risks such as aggressive behaviour or verbal abuse, carrying a dedicated personal safety device is essential to ensure you can discreetly call for help, without needing to make a call on your mobile phone (because this could cause the situation to escalate).

Are turban wearing Sikhs underrepresented in health and safety management within the construction sector?

As a part of Black History Month, Paul Singh looks into the challenges face by turban wearing Sikhs when attempting to enter into a career in construction.

Working with electricity: 5 steps to safe practice

Electrical equipment provider, Martindale, launches new, simplified safeguarding process, ALIVE, to help prevent injuries and save lives.

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