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March 8, 2018

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Casella’s Apex2 I.S. air sampling pump offers remote data access

Casella’s Apex2 I.S. air sampling pumps include remote reporting via a smart app and can help in the assessment of workers development of long-term health problems.

casella air sampling pumps


The Apex2 I.S personal air sampling pump, Apex2 I.S Plus and Apex2 I.S Pro are all designed to monitor workplace dust levels and have been specifically designed for potentially explosive areas in the oil, gas and pharmaceutical industries.

The pumps can be worn around the body and can be used to sample for airborne contaminants, which can be damaging to a worker’s health.

And by using Casella’s bespoke Airwave smart phone app, the pumps can be operated and results transmitted remotely with no need to disturb the person who is wearing the pump.

Employers can view the status of their dust-sampling pump on a worker and start, stop or even pause the pump from a mobile phone or a tablet.

The app itself is also designed to provide real-time status updates and for data to be emailed alongside photos for added context.

The personal pump comes with a sturdy clip with a lifetime guarantee, which means it is secure and a detachable rubber boot to guard against knocks.

It can also store up to 200 separate runs, including start time, date and the volume sampled.

The data can then be transferred from the Apex2 to a docking station or to your computer.

The pump range has also received QPS certification for America and Canada, as well as international IECEx approval.

For more information on the pump range, visit the Casella website here

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