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April 3, 2020

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Solving the commute challenge to help you re-open safely

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on transportation around the world and the fallout has affected each and every one of us. There is no question that on a global scale, one of the biggest potential hotspots for the transmission of COVID-19 is public transport. Enter Zeelo.

Zeelo Zeelo is a safe bus-sharing company, providing smart transportation services for commuting, school runs and events; equipped with social distancing and infection measures during the current situation.

Zeelo has been working closely with companies such as Amazon, Sainsbury’s, Avara Foods, and Argos to ensure the safe transport of their employees to and from work every day.

As we start to think about what a safe exit from lockdown looks like, Zeelo says it is here to help businesses reopen safely, protect commuters and manage changing requirements.

Moving into the new normal

Social distancing is here to stay for the foreseeable future. In the midst of public transport challenges and the need for continued distancing, we can provide technology-enabled safe bus services so staff can get safely to and from work.

As we’ve seen in China, understandably people are hesitant to return to using public transport and thus there has been a significant rise in the number of private car journeys. Cities and businesses in most cases will not be able to cater to the shift in transportation demand. Zeelo says it is able to help with their COVID-19 measures and safe transport alternatives.


The true cost of protecting your employees

The primary objective for all businesses at this time should be to the health and wellbeing of all staff. Not only on a personal level, to protect the lives of all employees from the effects of the virus, but also to ensure the workforce of the business is not compromised. One infection within any business could lead to large numbers of employees being quarantined, or even that the business is forced to close down altogether for a certain period of time.

Due to this, the investment in the protection of staff should be considered to be non-negotiable. Among other things, appropriately spaced working conditions to encourage social distancing, employee PPE, high levels of cleanliness and sanitisation, and access to safe and controlled transport, should be imperative for all businesses. Any neglect or cost-cutting in these areas could have a far greater long term impact and cost to the company, not to mention the risk imposed on the lives of its employees.

Be in control of employee wellness

ZeeloZeelo is helping businesses to manage these risks by providing safe and controlled transport services for their employees. The way in which these services are managed gives businesses peace of mind that all the necessary protective measures are in place, which, unfortunately, cannot always be guaranteed with other forms of shared transport.

Zeelo offers private daily staff transfers for businesses of all sizes, providing a safe and sanitised services with a capped number of riders, Driver PPE at all times with a contact tracing tool available in the event of infection. Sanitisation before and after each service, while also providing hand sanitiser for all passengers.

To support your safe restart planning, we can help with the following:

  • Dedicated safe bus transport services: we can design and operate safe bus routes using residential or park and ride pick up locations, using our booking platform for capacity management and social distancing, as well as data collection for contact tracing in the event of a rider or driver presenting with symptoms. These can be provided on a flexible basis within 24 hours across the UK and we will deploy our new operational stands to these, including driver PPE, no-contact policy, sanitisation measures and 2m distancing seating plans.
  • Software to support existing, or currently suspended services: many of you operate bus or shuttle services in partnership with local operators. We can deploy the same technology to these services to facilitate capacity management, social distancing and contact tracing.

Included a graphic below to show how Zeelo has supported business to keep critical workers moving during the lockdown period.

Zeelo infographic

Click here to contact Zeelo to discuss your options or initiate a consultation process.

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