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October 12, 2011

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Gas transportation – Flo-Tel burst-detection system

Elfab has developed OE-Tel, a burst detection system for the gas transportation industry, which, the company says, allows most customers with screw-fit rupture-disc devices to benefit from fitting a simple, fail-safe burst-detection system.

Derived from Elfab’s ATEX-approved Flo-Tel™+ burst-detection system, launched in 2003, OE-Tel is said to offer all the benefits of Elfab’s family of magnetic burst-detection systems and is available with the company’s screw fit-type custom-engineered devices. These products are typically supplied in bonded brass, or electron-beam units for more critical applications.

Gas transported in liquefied form by road tankers has to be kept under pressure. When a tanker arrives at a site, its pumping system is connected to the site’s storage vessel via a hose. Should the tanker try to pump too much gas, a rupture disc fitted to the storage vessel will burst, preventing the vessel from exploding.

In this instance, gas flow to the storage vessel needs to be shut off. According to Elfab, OE-Tel ensures that the pumping system will automatically shut itself off as soon as the rupture disc bursts. The company adds that it is fail-safe and non-invasive and only operates when a disc has functioned, eliminating false alarms.

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