November 9, 2017

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road safety

Guidance for grey fleet managers published

Road safety charity Brake has published guidance for fleet managers to help reduce their grey fleet risk.

‘Grey fleet’ travel refers to mileage driven for work in employee-owned vehicles. The term ‘grey’ is used, says the guidance, because such travel has not traditionally been subject to the same level of risk management as travel in company owned or leased vehicles.

The guidance outlines the risks involved with grey fleets and includes an industry case study. Research undertaken by Brake found that even among members of Brake Professional, nearly one in three (32%) reported that their policies on vehicle checks and maintenance do not extend to grey fleet vehicles.


Risk-management challenges highlighted by the guidance include the age of employee-owned cars – often much older than company cars. Environmental concerns are also referred to.

Practical advice on how companies can eliminate road risk for their employees is set out through best practice guidance. Advice on how to reduce grey fleet usage is also given.

The guidance is available free of charge to all Brake Professional members here.

Non-members can order the resources from the Brake shop.


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