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March 7, 2018

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SoloProtect launches new lone worker wearable

A new wearable device has been launched to provide discreet support for lone workers.

The SoloProtect watch includes a “Red Alert” function, which opens up an audio connection with the watch to 24/7 alarm centre if a lone worker is in danger or injured.

SoloProtect Watch

The watch can also detect movement, particularly if a worker has fallen, which can also then trigger an automatic alarm.

It also has built-in GPS to enable emergency services to locate the wearer as fast as possible, and comes with a heart rate monitor and pedometer, so employees can keep track of their fitness and wellbeing.

The wearable device builds on other products by the company, including the SoloProtect ID badge, which can be used to send a discreet audio call to a dedicated call centre in case of an emergency.

“We are delighted to announce the addition of the SoloProtect Watch to our range of discreet and fit-for-purpose long worker products,” said the firm’s UK managing director, Craig Swallow.

“We firmly believe wearable technology has now become part of everyday life for many users and expanding its use into lone worker safety is the next logical step.

“The SoloProtect Watch, backed by our market-leading Alarm Receiving Centre and SoloProtect Insights, our customer engagement portal, has the potential to help employers increase workplace efficiency and mitigate work-related risk to both users and the business as a whole.”

A recent study, undertaken by YouGov for healthcare provider AXA, also showed 45% of the British workforce would be comfortable sharing information with wearable devices, when it assists with employee-related health and wellbeing strategies.

Speaking to SHP last month for an article on wearable technology, SoloProtect’s senior marketing manager, Rob Harris, said: “People are demanding more from their technology, and I think lone-worker protection is an area where there perhaps has not been enough innovation in the last couple of years, but that will change.”

For more information about the SoloProtect watch see their website here.



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