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Workplace wellbeing is for life – not just for January

Workplace wellbeing is for life - not just for January. That’s the message to employers who are being encouraged to demonstrate their commitment to their staff. Read More

Funding given to small start up company to increase employee wellbeing

A health and safety software company has been given thousands of pounds to help support workplace wellbeing. Read More

A guide for managers: Supporting employee wellbeing

A go-to resource to help managers support employee wellbeing, including signs of ill-health, duty of care and top tips. Read More

World Suicide Prevention Day: ‘Ensure workplace mental health support is communicated clearly and regularly’

For World Suicide Prevention Day (Sunday 10 September), SHP hears from GRiD on the importance of employers communicating support for mental health clearly and regularly. Read More

Challenges in organisational wellbeing – EHS Congress 2023

At EHS Congress in May, held in Berlin, a panel discussion focused on health and wellbeing and how it can be recognised and monitored on a larger scale in organisations. Read More

London Tech Week: Technology developments used to help staff wellbeing

Technology developments are being used to help staff wellbeing by promoting autonomy, inclusivity and employee engagement, experts have said. Read More

How a little game of chess can open up a conversation and improve mental health and well-being in your organisation

SHP hears from 5asideCHESS, which was set up as a social enterprise in 2015 by co-founders, Ross Smith and Ian McKay, in response to their concern about the levels of disconnection and inequality that they saw in society. Read More

Employers and employees do not agree on workplace wellbeing priorities, finds research

Employers and employees do not agree on workplace wellbeing priorities - as 51% of employees believing stress and anxiety wellbeing should be the number one, then depression and burnout. Read More

Employers being impacted as menopause is often misdiagnosed as depression

Employers are being impacted by a common misdiagnosis of psychological menopause symptoms, experts have said. Read More

Latest trends in workplace wellbeing – In conversation with campaigner Rob Stephenson

Ahead of EHS Congress, taking place in Berlin in May, SHP catches up with one of the event’s speakers, Rob Stephenson, who is CEO and Founder of FormScore. Read More

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