workplace safety

Workers facing uncertain future coupled with health and safety risks, new IOSH report says

The survey reveals struggles of platform workers in the gig economy as a result of unpredictable income and irregular working patterns. Read More

Last orders? Should we call time on workplace drinking culture?

During Alcohol Awareness Week, Janet Hadley, Director at Choose Sunrise, says it's time to rethink the culture around drinking and the workplace. Read More

Pride Month: Five ways to create an LGBTQ+ inclusive workplace

As Pride festivities are underway for 2023, Health@Work highlights the ways in which a workplace can build an LGBTQ+ inclusive workplace that celebrates diversity, cultivates equality, and allows employees to work at their best... Read More

Personal safety fears of professional services staff ‘laid bare’

A majority of employees in professional service sectors fear for their safety when commuting or travelling for business, a new study has revealed. Read More

May I be candid? – Dom Cooper on psychological safety

SHP hears from Dominic Cooper on psychological safety, its relation to OSH and lessons to learn from the term... Read More

IOSH President and Head of Policy on safe, healthy workplaces as a human right

IOSH's President Lawrence Webb and Head of Policy Ruth Wilkinson preview their upcoming Safety & Health Expo 2023 keynote. Read More

Healthcare staff get safety alarms as violent incidents increase

Pinpoint releases new staff safety alarms as violence in healthcare settings surges. Read More

Dangers of electromagnetic fields and radio frequencies at work

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) and radio frequencies (RF) may be an invisible ever-present in our daily lives, but they can pose a significant risk to workers who are exposed to them in their workplace. Mike Stevens, a Chartered Safety Practitioner and CEO of Praxis42 examines the hidden dangers of EMF and RF... Read More

Work as imagined vs. work as done

Ralph Franke, Andre Fey, and Myriam Perrier, debate the topic of ‘work as imagined vs. work as done'. Read More

NEBOSH launches updated Health and Safety at Work Award

NEBOSH has launched an updated Health and Safety at Work Award, designed as an introduction to workplace health, safety, and risk. Read More

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