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UK businesses being ‘held back’ by operational challenges and a lack of action to address them

UK businesses are being held back by operational challenges and a lack of action to address them - experts have said. Read More

Bradford man spared jail after employee fell through roof

A Bradford man has been given a suspended prison sentence after an employee sustained life-threatening injuries when he fell 30-feet through a fragile roof. Read More

‘I died twice’ – the story of a North Sea oil rig accident

‘I still feel like it happened to somebody else’, says James Ramsay ahead of his Safety & Health Expo ‘Survivor’s story’. Read More

Leading indicators and preventing serious injuries and fatalities: ISN’s Ryan Rodriguez previews SHE 2023 talk

OSH professionals will be urged to interrogate their safety culture, not just overall incident rates. Read More

‘They were just waiting for injuries to happen’: How predictive maintenance inspired a smart wearable solution to ergonomic risk

Strategies for preventing machinery breakdowns led Matthew Hart to revolutionise injury prevention in the workplace. Read More

Building owner jailed after worker left paralysed

A building owner has been sentenced to 12 months in prison after an employee was left paralysed when a hoist platform he was working from plummeted from the third floor to ground level. Read More

Four work-related injuries that often go unnoticed and can lead to health issues

In the workplace, accidents can be quite frequent, and some can result in serious and minor injuries. It has been estimated that 270 million workplace injuries occur across the world each year. Here, we take a look at habitual, work-related minor injuries and health problems that are often overlooked when, in reality, they shouldn’t be. Read More

1 in 4 serious injuries occur in the workplace, according to new research

New research into injury incidents in the UK has revealed the proportion of the population that have suffered a severe injury at work within the last five years. Read More

MPs urged to help injured workers get justice

Usdaw has called on MPs to help injured workers get compensation in the small claims court. The trade union is calling on politicians to block government plans to raise the threshold for injury cases taken in the small claims court to £2,000. Read More

Sentencing guidelines: How Tata Steel successfully appealed £1.98m fine

Angela Southall looks at how Tata Steel reduced its fine. Read More

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