Entertainment safety whitepaper aims to “proactively address risk”

Safe Elephant, entertainment safety consultants, have released an industry safety whitepaper called: "Improving Risk Communication in Film and TV". Read More

Getting it right – Safety culture, health and safety priorities and training provision

This paper reveals the findings of a survey of EHS specialists which gives a snapshot of safety culture, health and safety priorities and training provision in 2022. Read More

Do You Know How to Get Your EHS Training on Track?

Learn what you need to know to get your digital training on track by downloading this Intelex Tips Sheet for a summary of the most important elements of digital learning. Read More

Build or Buy? When It Comes to Software, Buy Might Be the Right Choice for You

Every business reaches the point where it seeks a streamlined solution to handle its corporate data, whether it’s related to worker H&S, environment and sustainability or quality. Read More

Your ultimate guide to near miss reporting and accident investigations

Why accident and near miss reporting and investigations are critical to driving a positive health and safety culture. Read More

The changing face of European EHS and ESG

The changing face of European EHS and ESG The world of EHS and ESG is shifting from a focus on Read More

What every EHS practitioner should know about ESG

This Insight Report explains the obvious overlap in concerns between EHS and ESG and how one will most definitely help the other. Read More

Protecting your most valuable asset: 4 best practices for reducing worker injuries and illnesses

What can employers do to protect their most valuable asset – their workers – and ensure these individuals return home every day healthy? Read More

Top-5 SHP downloads of 2021

Find out what have been the most popular pieces of downloadable content this year, and catch up on any that you might have missed. Read More

Feedback from the field: Researching frontline experience

SafetyCulture and YouGov have partnered up to explore the experiences of American, British and Australian frontline workers, looking at at whether they felt listened to, empowered to take action, and if they were getting the support they needed. Read More

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Environmental, Social & Governance White Paper

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Strong foundation – embedding safety culture in your frontline workers

Contractor Selection and Management in Times of Labour Shortage

Streamlining your safety processes to drive proactive improvements across your business