welfare reform

DWP to assess who offers best return-to-work support

People on sickness benefits will be required to attend regular meetings with health-care professionals to address barriers to work, as a condition of receiving their benefit, under a two-year pilot announced yesterday (8 July). Read More

More benefit claimants being found fit for work

The TUC has criticised the Government's recently launched Work Programme, saying it is a money-making exercise that hinders rather than helps disabled people. Read More

Mental-health problems the basis for most new benefit claims

Mental illness has overtaken musculoskeletal disorders as the most common reason for claiming Incapacity Benefit (IB), the results of an 11-year study have found. Read More

Mental-health sufferers let down by fit-for-work reassessments

As the national rollout of the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) programme begins this week, a disability charity has urged the Government to hit the brakes until the test is working fairly and effectively. Read More

New benefit tests find most claimants are able to work

Following concerns expressed earlier this month about the speed and validity of the Government's reassessments of those on incapacity benefit the DWP has announced that the "vast majority" of people are being found fit for work. Read More

Fit-to-work reassessment of long-term sick begins

Long-term incapacity-benefit claimants in Burnley and Aberdeen will be the first across the UK to be reassessed on their ability to work, as a major tranche of the Government's welfare-reform programme gets under way today (11 October). Read More

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