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Guidance aims to control fire risk at waste management facilities

The Waste Industry Safety & Health (WISH) Forum, along with the Chief Fires Officers Association (CFOA), the Environment Agency and HSE, is developing guidance to control the risk of fires at waste management facilities. Read More

On the wish list

The waste and recycling industry has been rebuked for having a poor health and safety record compared to other sectors. Nick Warburton talks to Chris Jones, chair of the Waste Industry Safety and Health Forum, and hears how the industry is responding to its critics. Read More

The waste management industry needs stronger safety leadership

Geoff Smallwood, Chartered Institution of Wastes Management representative on the WISH steering group and group health and safety and risk manager for Shanks Group plc, on the work WISH is doing to develop stronger safety leadership in the waste management sector. Read More

Waste and recycling event focuses on safety blueprint

Health and safety professionals in the waste and recycling industry will gather in Stockport, Cheshire today to consider the Waste Industry Safety and Health (WISH) Forum's strategy blueprint for reducing the number of people killed and seriously injured in the sector. Read More

Worker deaths fall but health and safety effort still needs to rise

The number of people killed in work-related incidents dropped significantly in 2012/2013 � the first full review period following the Löfstedt report and implementation of the bulk of its recommendations. Read More

HSE challenges waste industry to improve its safety record

The HSE and the Waste Industry Safety and Health (WISH) Forum held a joint event last week to focus on ways of reducing accidents in the industry. Read More

Northern Ireland focuses on H&S in the waste and recycling sector

Key stakeholders from across Northern Ireland's waste and recycling sector are to come together in a forum to identify, devise and promote activities to improve health and safety standards across the industry. Read More

Waste and recycling sector to come under scrutiny

The HSE is set to begin a three-year programme of inspection in the municipal waste and recycling sector and is reminding local authorities to be clear on their health and safety responsibilities in procuring and managing such services. Read More

Waste firms alerted to bin-shelter deaths

New guidance is now available for those who produce and collect commercial waste, in a bid to prevent people who shelter in bins from being killed or injured. Read More

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