vehicle operator services agency (vosa)

MPs wary of road-safety impact of privatised testing

A group of MPs has knocked back the road-haulage industry in its efforts to move to a privatised model of vehicle testing because of concerns that this could undermine the UK's road safety record. Read More

Fears that private-sector vehicle testing will result in weak safety

The privatisation of heavy-vehicle testing could have a detrimental impact on road safety, unions from the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) have warned a committee of MPs. Read More

Inspectors gain new powers to check haulage vehicles

New powers to help inspectors crack down on dangerous trucks and coaches have been set out by the Department for Transport. Read More

Load safety campaign to spot-check vehicles

Vehicle spot-checks will take place in the coming weeks as part of a new campaign to reduce the number of death and injuries relating to poorly-secured vehicle loads. Read More

Agency failing to educate on road safety

The Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) is removing more and more dangerous commercial vehicles from the roads but does not have a comprehensive education programme for operators or drivers. Read More

Vehicle safety agency must clamp down on unsafe foreign trucks

Foreign-registered heavy goods vehicles on UK roads are bringing "unacceptable levels of non-compliance with basic road-safety standards", an influential group of MPs has declared. Read More

Vehicle checks highlight cargo-loading risks

More than 75 per cent of vehicles stopped during spot checks carried out last month in England and Wales were not loaded safely. Read More

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