Councils face call to end box collections on safety grounds

The study by the University of Greenwich and published by IOSH warns that waste collection systems using boxes could be causing “significant” long-term musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) for workers. Read More

Police chiefs pledge to ‘root out’ sexual harassment

The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) has promised to act over high levels of sexual harassment among staff after a new report revealed the scale of the issue. Read More

Waste disposal: Highest fatality at work rate of any industrial sector

The waste management industry might not be the most glamorous sector in the world, but for many of is it remains the 'fourth emergency service'. Read More

Forty years of the union safety representative

For forty years union health and safety reps have been working to make our workplaces safer. Lauren Applebey reports. Read More

Get ready for the World Day for Safety and Health at Work

28 April 2016 is the ILO’s World Day for Safety and Health at Work promoting the prevention of occupational accidents Read More

Unions fear “privatisation of HSE”, The Independent reports

The Health and Safety Executive is set to bring in bosses from the commercial sector in a move that unions believe could lead to the privatisation of the regulator, The Independent has reported. Read More

Union demands improved working conditions in call centres

A survey conducted by public-service trade union UNISON has found that health problems are rife among call-centre workers. Read More

Job-security worries lead bullied workers to suffer in silence

One in four workers says that staff cutbacks have led to more bullying in the workplace, but more than half of those bullied are too scared to raise the issue with management for fear of losing their job. Read More

Acute health-care sector bears brunt of rise in assaults

The total number of assaults against health-care staff has risen significantly in the past year, with attacks against acute-sector workers rocketing by almost 20 per cent. Read More

Worker injured by ill-fitting body armour

A community enforcement officer has won damages after hislocal-authority employer gave him poor-fitting, second-hand body armourto carry out his work. Read More

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