Understanding the relationship between the key sustainability principles

Florian Haarhaus, International General Manager at NAVEX, explores common buzzwords around sustainability and the importance of having the right compliance program in place. Read More

Sustainable protection: Creating sustainable PPE without compromising safety

DuPont Personal Protection (DPP) works with HSE managers to recycle non-contaminated disposable PPE. SHP talks to the business about why it is important to develop more sustainable PPE and how it can be done without compromising worker safety. Read More

Businesses support SDGs – but do they need help?

The private sector supports sustainable development goals – but it’s one thing agreeing with principles, quite another delivering on them. So what are the barriers for businesses? That was the topic of discussion at the recent IOSH Business Leaders Forum. Read More

Arco’s hi-vis workwear range named recycled product of the year

The firm's hi-vis workwear range has been named recycled product of the year at a national awards ceremony. Read More

‘Add health as the lens to your business performance’ – British Safety Council Conference 2023

The 13th British Safety Council conference this month had a theme of organisational resilience, covering topics including wellbeing, AI, sustainability, ageism and diversity in the workforce. Read More

Recyclable hi-vis clothing released for health and safety professionals

Recyclable hi-vis clothing has been developed - made from recycled materials and able to be recycled after use. Read More

Cleaning Up Our Impact: How Tork Bio-based Paper Towels Complement Sustainability

Tork products make more from less and create circularity by helping factories and manufacturers close the loop, like with the Tork Heavy-Duty Cleaning Cloth, 99% biobased, made with 99% plant-based fibres and sustainably sourced. Read More

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD): How Intelex Supports the Evolution of Materiality and ESG Reporting

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) is increasing the ESG reporting responsibilities of many organisations. This Insight Report provides a detailed look at how CSRD expands on existing requirements and what this means for your business. Read More

Environmental, Social & Governance White Paper

Get insights into the growing importance of transparent and sustainable business practices in today's interconnected world. Learn about the pivotal role of ESG factors in assessing and measuring sustainability. Read More

Safety leaders ‘at risk’ of breaking sustainability compliance requirements, survey finds

Safety leaders are at risk of breaking sustainability compliance requirements implemented by the EU, a survey has found. Read More

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Environmental, Social & Governance White Paper

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