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HS2 calls for improved approach to mental health and wellbeing

Supply chain urged to innovate new standards in health, wellbeing and mental health. Read More

Pioneering construction: Innovating safety in the construction supply chain

By Richard Byrne, BSc (Hons), CMIOSH, PIEMA Often a great deal of attention is focused in the safety press on Read More

Engaging suppliers: where to begin?

Sustainability: it's just good OSH: There are many reasons why promoting better OSH practices amongst suppliers might seem like a lot of hard work. Read More

Strategic OSH and Contractors: The Business Case, no. 3

Previously we looked at how OSH falls under the auspices of business and human rights, an area in which the UK government recently developed an action plan based on the UN Guiding Principles. Read More

Supply-chain site survey – Schoeller Allibert

Describing itself as a world leader in plastic, reusable transit packaging (RTP), Schoeller Allibert is now offering customers the opportunity to improve health and safety procedures in their supply chain by undertaking a new site survey. Read More

Activities instructor disabled after defective-rope plunge

Flaws in a manufacturer's quality-control system and a mix-up in fixing components led to the supply of a faulty rope, which subsequently failed in safeguarding an outdoors-activities instructor as he carried out a simulated parachute landing. Read More

Firm engages supply chain in accident reduction

Mechanical and electrical company HE Simm has launched a pioneering scheme, which, it says, will raise the bar in safety standards within its supply chain. Read More

UK fashion ‘sweat-shops’ are beneath enforcement radar, IOSH warns

IOSH is urging businesses to review their supply-chain policies following the exposure of 'sweat-shop' conditions in UK clothing factories by a TV documentary. Read More

Joining forces – ASDA joins safety charter

Supermarket chain ASDA has signed up to the Constructing Better Health (CBH) client charter to help promote a strong occupational health culture in its retail development programme. Read More

Worker abuse rife among Olympic supply chains

Behind the glitz and the glamour of events like the World Cup and the Olympic Games there are workers around the world sweating blood to fulfil orders for major sportswear brands and forced to work in unsafe factories for paltry pay packets. Read More

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