New study seeks to measure AI’s workplace wellbeing impact

UK National Health and Wellbeing Forum (NHFW) calls for input to support AI in workplace research. Read More

ESG consultants key spend for sector, survey reveals

SHP product and services trend report reveals focus on ESG while Brexit influence remains unclear. Research into the buying habits Read More

Electric forklift sounds alert study launched with hopes of increasing safety

An electric forklift sounds alert study has been launched in the UK to enhance safety in the construction industry. Read More

SMEs are not doing ESG, study finds

Only one fifth of the UKs small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are aware of what Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) is and most of them are doing nothing about it, a study has found. Read More

January Blues: SHP’s guide to helping workers beat the winter slump

The first few weeks of January are often perceived as a challenging time for the workforce from a mental wellbeing perspective. Read More

High-stress jobs linked with higher risk of heart rhythm disorders

Assembly line workers, bus drivers and nurses are among the workers most at risk of developing heart rhythm disorders, according to a major new study. Read More

Research: smartphones ‘should be considered DSE’

Employers need to consider use of smartphones in their DSE policies, new research has claimed.Read More

Health and safety in a changing world

A set of six reports, which come after five years of research as part of IOSH’s Health and Safety in a Read More

Is the 9-5 desk job killing you?

A major Lancet study, which looked at one million adults has found that sitting for at least eight hours a Read More

Volunteers needed for occupational health study

A research group at Queen Mary University of London are conducting a study on welder health. It has been known Read More

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