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What impact are client requirements currently having on health and safety?

In the latest of its Safety Bytes videos, Irwin & Colton meets Steve Hails, Director of Health, Safety & Wellbeing at Tideway. Read More

‘Changing workplace cultures requires ongoing leadership and hands-on-support’

Mates in Mind has spoken out in support of the recent launch of a new online gateway to help companies improve staff wellbeing. The Mental Health at Work website has been developed by Prince William and MIND, with support from The Royal Foundation, Heads Together and 11 other organisations. Read More

Mates in Mind: Construction mental health scheme enters next stage

The full role-out of the construction industry health and mental wellbeing scheme, titled Mates in Mind, has begun. The move Read More

Is safety really broken? Safety & Health Expo panel debate

Is safety broken, asked panelists in Safety and Health Expo’s opening debate. Or is it simply a matter of terminology? Read More

Wall of fame with Barbour at Safety & Health Expo

Caricatures of health and safety professionals are being created at the Barbour EHS stand at Safety & Health Expo this Read More

New health and safety director appointed at Crossrail

  Martin Brown has been appointed health and safety director for Crossrail Ltd, following the departure of Steve Hails. Martin Read More

In conversation with Andrew Wolstenholme and Steve Hails, Crossrail

SHP's Roz Sanderson spoke to Andrew Wolstenholme OBE and Steve Hails, Crossrail about the health initiatives in place at Crossrail and the steps being taken to improve the health of employees. Read More

Crossrail health and safety director to join Thames Tideway

Steve Hails, health and safety director for Crossrail, is set to leave his post at Europe’s largest construction project to Read More

Watch: health and safety at Crossrail

How do health and safety measures compare on construction sites like Crossrail and nature reserves? How does the role of Read More

Leaked safety report identifies “fear” at Crossrail project

A leaked safety report has accused the Crossrail project of creating a culture in which workers are afraid to report mistakes and safety incidents, The Observer has reported. Read More

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