How to safely use and store lithium-ion batteries in the workplace

Here, fire safety experts from SOCOTEC discuss how to safely use and store lithium-ion batteries to protect the safety of your people and your workplace. Read More

Asbestos cement products – A low risk material?

SOCOTEC looks at factors to consider for asbestos management, including when asbestos is in 'good condition' and what this means when assessing its risk. Read More

Navigating safety in the rail industry: The impact of slips, trips and falls

SHP hears from SOCOTEC on the impact of an 'overlooked' area of safety - slips, trips and falls occurring in the rail industry. Read More

SOCOTEC answers DSEAR compliance FAQs

Here, SOCOTEC provides guidance on Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmosphere Regulations (DSEAR) compliance through answering FAQs and providing insight on its risk assessment. Read More

Technology’s impact on asbestos risk management

SHP hears from SOCOTEC, who discusses implementing measures using technology to manage the risk of asbestos exposure at work. Read More

Asbestos management in the UK

SHP hears from SOCOTEC, who provides an outline of asbestos presence in the UK and its current management... Read More

Asbestos management in the rail sector

SHP hears from SOCOTEC UK, who discusses asbestos, its risk management in the rail sector and why it remains a threat to health and safety today. Read More

Winter-related hazards – Protecting your workplace this Christmas

With Christmas quickly approaching, wintry weather brings with it a host of related health and safety risks, from slips and trips to electric shocks... Read More

Sustainability in the Rail Sector

SHP hears from the experts at SOCOTEC as they discuss the factors that rail organisations should consider in sustainability... Read More

Managing contaminated land in the rail sector

How does contaminated land affect rail organisations, and how can employers effectively manage the level of risk? The experts at SOCOTEC take a look. Read More

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