Musculoskeletal injuries: behind the microscope

At its heart, health and safety is about the prevention of pain and suffering. Sam Alexander and Chris Lea discuss why laboratory-based scientists should be concerned with the prevention of musculoskeletal injuries just as much as chemical and biological hazards. Read More

IOSH 2014: Live blog

Rolling coverage of the IOSH Conference 2014 ヨ the best of the seminars, pictures and tweets. Read More

Maximum fine for York company following worker’s ‘devastating’ injuries

A worker suffered life-changing injuries, including a fractured skull and broken collar bone, when he plunged nearly seven metres through an unsafe roof light while installing solar power racking, it has been heard at Bradford Magistrates' Court. Read More

First aid myths: sorting fact from fiction

There are plenty of weird and wonderful tips about how to treat injuries and ailments. The trouble is that once people share their first aid tips online, they're out there in black and white and it can be hard to distinguish fact from fiction. Read More

Corporate social responsibility: Footprints and handprints

A new concept for corporate social responsibility is gathering momentum in the United States ヨ the idea of a 'handprint' that suggests a basic equation of offsetting positives against negatives. As Dr Tim Marsh argues, the health and safety community are just the people to lead on the concept. Read More

Breaking through the plateau

Safety performance can reach a point where it levels out and is unable to carry on to the next step. Colm Murphy from Diageo explains the four categories of performance plateau and how to avoid the formation of one. Read More

HSE Triennial review: Q&A with Martin Temple

In January, the Department for Work and Pensions published the triennial review of the Health & Safety Executive. Nearly six months on, review lead Martin Temple shares his thoughts with SHP. Read More

Occupational cancer: death rate shows no sign of waning

Dr Lesley Rushton, OBE: The latest statistics available from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) indicate that about 8,000 cancer deaths and some 13,500 newly diagnosed cancer cases each year could be due to work-related exposures. Read More

UK safety professionals ‘pro EU regulation’

UK health and safety and environment professionals believe that EU influence on regulation has a positive effect, according to a survey commissioned by Cedrec. Read More

Interlocked moveable guards: common failures

Phil Chambers BSc CMIOSH: How interlocked guards often fail, and what you can do to prevent them Read More

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