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Human error: Symptom or cause?

Dom Cooper analyses the definition of human error and whether it can in fact be a root cause instead of a 'symptom of systems'. Read More

King’s speech: Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill to be introduced to parliament

King Charles III has outlined key government law-making plans in his first speech as monarch, including the Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill as legislation to be introduced to parliament. Read More

Elephant in the room? Reframing accountability

How can we view accountability as a positive experience rather than one of blame? Zoe Nation outlines a new approach. Read More

‘Want to keep your HSEQ staff? Ensure you have the right management style’

One of the main reasons HSEQ employers are leaving their jobs is because of poor management styles in their workplace, research has revealed. Read More

Personal safety fears of professional services staff ‘laid bare’

A majority of employees in professional service sectors fear for their safety when commuting or travelling for business, a new study has revealed. Read More

‘Don’t wait for failure’ – SHP speaks to Diane Chadwick-Jones, former Director of Human Performance at BP

Ahead of EHS Congress, SHP speaks to Diane Chadwick-Jones on cultural change and improving safety performance. Read More

‘Authentic and pragmatic’ – the leadership of Jacinda Ardern

In her first blog for SHP, Louise Hosking commends the leadership of Jacinda Ardern and suggests we can all learn from the former New Zealand PM. Read More

A Christmas tipple too far? The law on workplace drinking

As the festive season begins, it is important to assess your legal responsibility for ensuring staff are not over the alcohol limit while at work. Read More

‘Take better care of workers or risk greater uncertainty’, businesses warned by IOSH

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) urges UK businesses to take better care of their workforce, or risk greater uncertainty. SHP hears more from IOSH below... Read More

The ‘Pass-the-Buck Improvement Game’ – SHP hears from Tony Roscoe

How do we improve safety in organisations so that it is supportive for all members of staff? SHP hears from Tony Roscoe, Director at Implexis Consulting. Read More

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