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Prominent safety figures form new partnership

Two prominent figures in international safety culture and leadership have joined forces to create RyderMarshSharman. Dr Tim Marsh and Andrew Read More

We need to get a safety culture? You’re missing the point

Organisations talk about needing to get a safety culture. I hear this all the time. But it’s a misleading statement Read More

Safety culture webinar – your questions answered

Barbour recently hosted a fascinating safety culture webinar, with Paul Bizzell from Ryder Marsh at the helm. The event produced a plethora of fascinating questions, both during after the event. Here, Paul has cherry-picked a few and responded with his thoughts. Read More

Does your Job title match your Job?

Paul Bizzell, operations director, Ryder Marsh: On the face of it, this might sound like a no-brainer with an obvious answer: "yes, of course". So, a second question ヨ should it? Or rather: should the job be thought of differently and hence the title need to be adjusted? Read More

Safety Culture webinar – Twitter summary

Our safety culture webinar, presented by Paul Bizzell, operations director at Ryder Marsh, took place at 11 o'clock this morning. We live tweeted throughout the webinar. Here is a summary of the main points Read More

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