‘But… What do we do about the dimwits?’

In his latest blog, Tim Marsh discusses our collective approach to risk… Read More

‘Not all safety professionals are risk averse,’ SHP Meets Andrew Curtis as he takes on ‘the world’s toughest row’

Andrew Curtis, Group Health Safety & Wellbeing Manager for Vodafone, and a team of his colleagues have signed up to take part in the 2023 Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, a 3,000-mile unsupported rowing race from La Gomera in the Canary Islands to Antigua in the Caribbean. SHP caught up with Andrew to find out whether, as a safety and wellbeing professional, he may have a different approach to the challenge than others. Read More

Formula 1 – Another simple but this time positive case study

In his latest blog, Tim Marsh discusses how a simple change to the way risk is managed, can produce positive outcomes. Read More

‘There is a need for a common-sense approach to tackling risk’, says film-maker Louis Theroux

Documentary maker, producer and writer Louis Theroux is well known for his relaxed interview style but on the final day of Safety & Health Expo 2022 the tables were turned as he sat down with SHP Editor, Ian Hart in front of a packed Keynote Theatre crowd. Read More

‘Don’t try to do risk from a desk, you need to be there and engage in collaboration’

SHP speaks to Carolyn Smith, Health, Safety and Wellbeing Director at The VPS Group, about the positive lessons we can hold onto from the pandemic and how she believes the perception of the health & safety profession is changing. Read More

Risk: It’s not all negative!

Risk. It’s a term that doesn’t normally fill us or our colleagues with joy. After all, “the possibility of something bad happening” is the type of thing that can keep us awake at night. Read More

You have to ask yourself… ‘Do you feel lucky?… Well, do you!?’

Tim Marsh discusses the nature of luck and why individuals and organisations need to pro-actively and systemically work to maximise the chances of enjoying a fair share regarding the human factor. Read More

Risk type, compliance and personal responsibility

Geoff Trickey, Chartered Psychologist, CEO of Psychological Consultancy Ltd., and Creator of the Risk Type Compass, discusses the benefits of a person centric approach to risk management. Read More

Creating a winning health and safety culture

In this webinar Alcumus will reflect on recent HSE statistics to understand why fatalities have increased 28% YoY. Read More

A Christmas tipple too far? The law on workplace drinking

As the festive season begins, it is important to assess your legal responsibility for ensuring staff are not over the alcohol limit while at work. Read More

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