Neal Stone retires from the British Safety Council

Mike Robinson, Chief Executive of the British Safety Council, has bid farewell to Neal Stone, Policy and Standards Director who Read More

Are British businesses supporting older workers?

The three years following the abolition of the Default Retirement Age (DRA) have seen a marked increase in the number Read More

European campaign launched to keep older workers healthy

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) is urging employers to adapt workplace tasks so that staff can remain healthy and work up until their natural retirement. Read More

SHE 12 – Good work increases life-expectancy

A busy Occupational Health Theatre was put straight on a few confusing aspects of the 2010 Equality Act by Cynthia Atwell OBE, a well-known occupational health nurse and consultant, and then treated to an analysis of what makes good work by Barry Wilkes, a NEBOSH development manager. Read More

Employers reminded of value of older workers on eve of new legislation

The face of the UK's workforce is set to change "dramatically" from tomorrow (1 October), as employers will no longer be able to use the Default Retirement Age (DRA) to force employees to retire. Read More

Employers must focus on health of ageing workforce

Too many employers are neglecting the needs of their older staff and failing to help those experiencing mental, or physical decline carry on their tasks effectively. Read More

Workers given choice over when to retire

Employees will now be able to choose when to stop working after the Government announced today (13 January) that it is going ahead with plans to scrap the Default Retirement Age (DRA). Read More

No fixed retirement could have health and safety implications

The Government's proposal to allow workers to continue in their job past the age of 65 will cause a health and safety headache for employers, some stakeholders are warning. Read More

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