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Navigating the future: EHS workforce and training in a new era of tech

In the first of a new mini-series, Scott Gaddis at Intelex looks at the challenges and opportunities in 2024 for EHS professionals, beginning with training and technology. Read More

Webinar: Wellbeing, remote working, commuting – where are the limits?

This webinar, focusing on wellbeing, hybrid working and personal safety, explores new statistics on why & how H&S teams can cover all the new areas they now face. Read More

Time tracking is not the answer to motivate remote workers, experts say

Time tracking software is not the most effective way to motivate remote workers, experts have said. Read More

Managing DSE remotely and trends in health problems post pandemic

SHP hears from Adam Clarke at Praxis42 on display screen equipment (DSE), possible health issues from the increase in remote working and steps for organisations to avoid this. Read More

How can managers beat ‘productivity paranoia’?

SHP hears from Marc Holl, head of primary care at Nuffield Health who takes a look at the emerging trend of trust and productivity for employees working from home... Read More

UK employers falling foul of non-UK regulations for employees overseas, says Towergate Health & Protection

UK employers are at risk of falling foul of non-UK regulations due to changing working habits, with people working remotely abroad, according to Towergate Health & Protection Read More

‘It’s all about balance, yes, there are things I feel guilty about, but I prioritise in the best way I can’ – Karen Godfrey on the impact of COVID on working mums

Karen Godfrey, SHE Manager, Morgan Sindall Construction, shares her experience of juggling a career and home-schooling her children during the pandemic. Read More

The bigger strategic picture: Creating a cultural vision in business

Chief People Officer at Agilitas, Bev Markland reflects on what the technology Channel industry can expect in 2022 and beyond. Read More

HSE releases guidance on managing home workers’ health and safety

According to new guidance from the HSE, employers have the same health and safety responsibilities for people working at home as for any other worker. Read More

‘Some people will hit a crisis level in their wellbeing, and we need to help them prepare for that’

SHP speaks to Tiffany Argent, to gain an insight into the varying impacts the COVID-19 pandemic has had on people’s wellbeing. Read More

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