Construction firm fined after workers exposed to asbestos

A construction company has been fined after workers were exposed to asbestos whilst refurbishing a flat. Read More

Fire breaks out on Central London street

The London Fire Brigade has been tackling a fire that broke out this morning (7 November) in Central London. Read More

Collapsed-buildings investigation revealed “shocking” safety failings

A construction company and its director have been fined following the collapse of two large properties in Westminster. Read More

Two-tonne archway collapsed during refurbishment

Two firms have been fined after a brick archway collapsed and injured two workers during a major refurbishment project in Newcastle. Read More

Annual construction blitz reveals little change in safety standards

Almost one in five construction sites visited across Britain as part of an annual inspections campaign required enforcement action to be taken. Read More

First building-site blitz of 2013 announced

Duty-holders in construction have been told to expect a visit from the HSE in the next month, as the regulator kicks off a national initiative aimed at reducing death, injury and ill health in the sector. Read More

Cash-and-carry roofers “took no precautions whatsoever”

In a chance sighting, an HSE inspector spotted three roofers working on top of a Nottingham cash and carry store without any safety equipment, or precautions. Read More

Roof-felt “missile” fell through skylight into occupied office

Two roofers have received suspended jail sentences and have been ordered to do 280 hours of community service after an office worker was injured when a 37kg roll of roofing felt plunged four metres through the ceiling of her office. Read More

Construction – Days of thunder

Small firms and big issues are preoccupying the HSE's Philip White, who was quizzed by Andrew Sansom on the HSE's approach to regulating construction in what are turbulent and stormy times for the sector and the economy. Read More

Retailer “unapologetic” after £1m asbestos-risk fine

Marks & Spencer has expressed its disappointment at the £1 million fine handed down to it yesterday (27 September) for putting staff and customers at its Broad Street store in Reading at risk of exposure to asbestos. Read More

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