phil chambers

Probability case study: the Paddington rail crash

Phil Chambers BSc, CMIOSH Strategic Safety Systems Ltd: For another real example of how probabilities combine to create an incident, I'll take the Paddington rail crash. This was caused by a train outbound from Paddington going through a red signal (SN 109) and colliding with the inbound train. Read More

Five common risk assessment mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Phil Chambers, CMIOSH: Considering that risk assessment has been around for so long, it is alarming how even large operations and specialist consultancies can make mistakes about the constructive approach to it. Read More

How probabilities combine to determine the outcome of an event

Safety professionals should be aware of the Bird Triangle, which shows that if you have enough incidents, then eventually you will have a serious injury. However, nobody, to my knowledge has properly explained why the Bird Triangle should be so. Read More

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