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Office workers should stand for at least two hours a day, study advises

Guidance on how to curb health risks from too much sitting has been published for the first time in the Read More

Home working: risks to physical and mental health

Home office workers are risking serious damage to their physical and mental health by doing computer work in appropriate home Read More

Ergonomics in the evolving workspace

Our offices are evolving. Where once we had one-worker-one-desk arrangements, we now have collaborative, fluid, frictionless, and bleisure workspaces. Some Read More

Do your “low risk” facilities get enough attention?

On two occasions in the past few years I have been sitting in a meeting room of a potential client, and the fire alarm has sounded. Read More

Unhealthy workspaces cost business billions

Badly-designed work environments are costing UK businesses billions every year in sickness absence, according to research by a workplace supplies specialist. Read More

Call centres ignoring vocal health

One in four call-centre agents suffers voice problems because managers are failing to properly protect their health, according to new research. Read More

Working environment – Form over function

Having a productive workforce is essential for companies' survival but changes in work organisation and management, which, on the surface, seem to be all about making workers more comfortable Read More

Depression linked to excessive overtime

Regularly working long hours compared with a routine of seven or eight hours can more than double the risk of depression, a major study has found. Read More

Desk-bound workers need to move around more

Office-workers are being urged to get up and walk around after an occupational-health study found that the typical 'desk monkey' spends almost six hours a day sitting down. Read More

Work environment – Better by design

The design and comfort of the work environment may not be priority issues for many employers in these straitened times but, as Tim Oldman points out, failure to appreciate the damaging effect on productivity of mediocre workplaces can cost businesses dear. Read More

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